At CPA Group, our professional staff are always highly trained and well prepared for emergencies. However, our team also wants to ensure that they add value to the site where they operate and provide our client with real return on the significant investment they make in professional emergency services.

Our staff are active, integrated and provide real leadership, and site workforces value our skills and expertise.

We understand that a healthy workforce is a productive and happy workforce.

Accordingly, we were delighted to recently announce the launch of our 2019 Wellness and Health Promotion calendar. The monthly topics are current and relevant and each has a toolkit to enable maximum exposure for the topic of the month.

We think this is timely as we all recover from the festive celebrations and now is the time to make our New Year resolutions!!

CPA Group Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke commented:

“We are very proud of the contribution we can make to our client workforces through the promotion of and education around heathy lifestyles. With our medical heritage, CPA Group understands the long-known medical adage – prevention is better than cure.

I would really like to acknowledge the work of Samantha Pearce in driving the 2019 calendar and I am sure our team will enjoy delivering each month’s program”