Twenty indigenous female secondary school students from both Qld and NSW, who are part of the Titans 4 Tomorrow (T4T) youth academy programme, attended Baseline Training to undertake accredited CPR training recently.

IMG_1397.jpgAccompanied by T4T’s Clinton Toopi, Lorraine Hatton and three QLD and NSW Department of Education Liaison Officers, the students undertook nationally recognised training in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and had the opportunity to speak with and listen to CPA Group senior female managers, in mentoring and role model sessions.

T4T School liaison officers provided positive feedback to our team; that the training was beneficial for both the students and officers to participate in a nationally accredited CPR course, rather than just awareness training as delivered in schools by the teachers.

In 2013, Titans 4 Tomorrow launched three Sporting Chance Indigenous Girls’ Only Academies in the regions of the Surat Basin, Gold Coast and Tweed with the aim of improving the school attendance and engagement of female Indigenous students deemed to be at risk. Each Academy supports 100 Indigenous girls from years 7 through to 12. The Academies utilise tutorials, mentoring, workshops, cultural activities, sporting and arts related activities, elite athlete and role model visits, and residential camps on the Gold Coast to engage and inspire the students. T4T Academic Liaison Officers spend several days a week at each of the schools where participants attend.  The students also have access to T4T’s High Performance Centres which are located at each school for those wanting to seek assistance or do extra work in a comfortable and supportive environment during breaks or after school.

The objectives of the Girls Only Academies are to:

  • Increase school attendance by female Indigenous students
  • Strengthen engagement with school and improve attitudes towards schooling
  • Improve achievement in learning
  • Increase retention to year 12
  • Encourage greater parental and community involvement with schooling
  • Improve emotional and physical wellbeing and increase cultural identity
  • Develop young indigenous leaders to be role models for their community
  • Establish aspirations and identify post school career pathways

T4T is also sponsored by QGC, Santos and Origin, key providers that CPA Group also partner with.

For more information on T4T, please visit their website:

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