CPA Group operates in some of the most remote parts of our region both within Australia and internationally. In partnership with our clients operating in East Timor and Papua New Guinea (PNG), our teams contribute to the local community through programs like Wellness and Health Promotion and training.

The far-reaching impact of these programs was recently demonstrated in PNG where our staff are committed to ongoing development of our medical staff but also contribute to the site and community emergency response capability through first aid, CPR, Basic Life Support and other training initiatives.

In the recent example, a client employee, a site ERT member, had been trained by our team in First Aid and CPR. On his own initiative, this employee has offered to run training sessions at local schools.

One of the eighth grade school students at St Peters Primary School in Bulolo who had been trained under this initiative subsequently used the skills learnt to administer CPR and save a life back in her local community.

The CEO of our client provided a commendation:

‘I would like to extend our appreciation for your outstanding efforts in leading the provision of basic life support training to the children of Bulolo in their place of schooling.

The value of your personal efforts and the benefit to the local community in organising and conducting this training could not be more clearly demonstrated than by the actions of one of your young participants who utilised the knowledge taught by you and provided stabilisation to an unconscious fellow student until medical assistance arrived.’

CPA Group teams are not only providing emergency support to our clients but we are creating a sustainable and long term positive impact for surrounding communities.