Each year, around 5,000 Australians leave the Australian defence force. CPA Group has always been an employer of former Australian Service personnel, recognising the unique skills, leadership and training of those who have served Australia. Today we have many ex-defence force employees who have successfully transitioned into the private sector and are now contributing to the CPA Group service across our sites.

At CPA Group, we also believe that this is a way that we can acknowledge and thank Australian service personnel for their service.

Having identified the skills and attributes that ex-service personnel and family members can bring to us, CPA Group has formalised access to this group through a range of partnerships and pathways to maximise our opportunity to meet with potential candidates.

These partnerships include, but are not limited to:

 1 – Soldier On Employment Program

The Soldier On Education Program started officially in November 2017 and now has grown to support 299 Soldier On participants in the Education Program nationally.

Soldier On specialises in assisting service personnel throughout their career transition process. 

The Solider On employment program links service personnel to employers providing individualised and tailored support to transitioning service personnel and their families (participants) including CV and application letter writing, interview assistance, liaising with HR and recruitment teams and providing ongoing support after placement. Soldier On also works directly with Pledge companies to provide advice about employing and recruiting service personnel as well as help provide quality applicants.

CPA Group has signed a Formal Pledge and MOU with Soldier On as we see the program as a way to provide greater access to job opportunities for Service personnel, veterans and family members but for our benefit, we then have better access to a pool of former service personnel – people who we know will contribute to our company.

The CPA Group Formal Pledge

In recognition of the exemplary skills, leadership and training of Australia’s service personnel, all staff at Corporate Protection Australia Group make this pledge to the national security community, their families, government and the nation. We will commit to supporting national security personnel, and their families, as a part of Soldier On’s employment services and support Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Initiative.

We will aim to ensure that no man or woman who has served for our country, or their family, faces disadvantage in gaining employment because of their service to our nation.

We will support their future, as they have supported ours.

 2 – Prime Ministers Veterans Employment Program

In 2016, the Prime Ministers Veterans Employment Program was introduced to raise awareness of the value and unique experience of our veterans. The Program helps Australian businesses connect with these highly trained candidates.

The Veterans Employment Commitment (VEC) is for organisations who wish to support veterans’ employment. CPA Group is a committed supporter and signatory to this program.

This allows us to access another employment portal.

3 – The Oasis Townsville

The Oasis is a Registered charity that supports the transition, connection and integration of Australian Defence Force (ADF), who serve in Townsville, or those whom are contemplating returning to Townsville to settle upon transition.

CPA Group has advertised and selected a number of current staff who are today providing security services at CPA Group sites in the Townsville region.

4 – David Hatton, OAM and Lorraine Hatton,

You would of course be familiar with CPA Group Ambassadors Dave and Lorraine Hatton. What you may not realise is that, with a combined service history of 49 years, both are ex defence members and sit on various Boards and Committees nationally.

With this background their relationships and networks with a wide range of ex-service organisations (ESO) are well established and well utilised whilst advertising roles and seeking employees with defence experience.