Corporate Protection Australia Group’s involvement with Industrial Dispute Management began in 1997 with the leadup to, and the successful conclusion of, the Queensland sector of the Patrick / Maritime Union of Australia waterfront dispute.

Since that time key team members of CPA Group have managed the security operations of most other major industrial disputes in Australia including BHP Billiton QLD coal dispute, BHP Billiton’s Port Kembla and Port Hedland Steel operations, Boodari Iron Ore, Amcor Ltd, Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley operations and Port Headland Salt mines, P&H Mine Pro Hunter Valley Operations, CMG Meat Works Rockhampton, Xstrata Coal Bowen Basin, James Hardie and Anglo Coal to name a few.

We are relied upon by our clients when they face potential confrontations from IMGs (‘Issue Motivated Groups’) and Industrial Relations disputes.

IMGs may consist of environmental activists, ‘hacktivists’, or union representatives—groups which, while inherently political, aren’t officially connected to or represented by a political party.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) describes IMGs as “those groups who conduct activities that might lead to violence or to activities that are prejudicial to security”.

These situations require an experienced and composed security solution, and often involve ad hoc mobilisations and on very short notice by our security teams to ensure we are at the right place, at the right time, and with the correct operational strategy.

The key to success can often be in our ability to negotiate peaceful outcomes in otherwise confrontational situations.

A recent, highly publicised event was the convoy of activists that travelled from the southern states to the Bowen Basin.  CPA Group was commissioned in May 2019 by no fewer than 3 separate client corporations at 4 operations locations to provide a 24/7 security screen.

With up to 50 security personnel deployed at various times on this job, the challenge was met by our group and a peaceful outcome was delivered on all sides. That was our brief and our expectation.

Mission accomplished!