Over recent years there has (rightfully) been an increased focus in the community and industry on health and wellness awareness and safety at work and at home.

One area that deserves prominence is mental health. According to the Australia Government Department of Health, about one in five Australians will experience a mental illness, and most will experience a mental health problem at some time in our lives.

Furthermore, these problems appear to be increasing. According to the World Health Organization, depression will be one of the biggest health problems worldwide by the year 2020.

(A mental illness is a health problem that significantly affects how a person feels, thinks, behaves, and interacts with other people. It is diagnosed according to standardised criteria. The term mental disorder is also used to refer to these health problems. A mental health problem also interferes with how a person thinks, feels, and behaves, but to a lesser extent than a mental illness.
As a responsible employer and also as a commitment to our clients, CPA Group promotes awareness and the dissemination of information about mental health through our various activities.

R U OK? Day

Thursday 12 September 2019 is our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?” and support those struggling with life’s ups and down. CPA Group helps to promote this initiative through digital promotion and communications to our workforce and our clients.  Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut & Ask R U OK?

CPA Group annual Safety Summit – October 4

The eagerly awaited 2019 CPA Group Safety Summit is held during Safety Month and we have dedicated one of the presentations to Mental Health. Jared Widdison, a health professional vastly experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Crisis and Behavioural Intervention will share his knowledge and experience so as we may understand the requirements that apply to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, applicable to leaders and managers.

CPA Group Health & wellness calendar – November is Mental Health month!

For CPA Group staff, and through our site-based teams, for our clients, the CPA Group Health & Wellness program has become an integral part of client tool-box talk and other forums. Our posters can be found in messes, camps and workplaces across Australia. November is dedicated to mental health awareness and we provide information and strategies to our workplace personnel.

CPA Group Employee Assistance Program

The CPA Group team is deployed at many locations, often remote, and for many, the job requires them to be away from home for long periods, often over Christmas or major family events.

CPA Group recognises the need to provide support to  its employees and has in place the CPA Group Employee Assistance Program (EPA) – available 24/7 – to provide our team with access to counselling services by phone, online or face to face, enabling our workforce to receive confidential counselling support wherever they are based.

It can also provide critical incident response counselling with immediate assistance to cope with personal and workplace factors.

Baseline Training launches new Mental Health training modules

Many organisations are thinking about how they can create a workplace that is mentally healthy. It is evident in all forms of media that workplaces are understanding the impact of mental health issues on their employees and their productivity; if it is not addressed.

Baseline Training, part of the CPA Group, is delighted to announce their ability to deliver the Mental Health First Aid course to their clients and various industries. The course is evidence-based training which will provide organisations’ workforces with the skills and confidence to conduct supportive conversations with their co-workers. In doing so, this will help guide them to the professional help they need.

A Mental Health First Aid course will assist employees to seek early help, which is one way to promote a mentally healthy workplace.