We spoke to Symone on a wet day in Gladstone (very welcome!). Symone had been recommended to us by Gladstone regional manager, Peter Shepherd who thought Symone would make an interesting subject and he was definitely right!

This was Symone’s last day before heading off on leave to compete in the Race Across Scotland – which is 346km (215mile) trail run and competitors have 100 hours in which to complete the course!

What is your professional background?

Background is in HSE and transport & logistics over the past 20 odd years.

Where are you working now?

I am based in Gladstone, I am the regional Baseline Trainer, I also do Business Development for training. I have been based in Gladstone for around 20 years, so I am still a newcomer!

What other CPA Group sites have you worked?

I have been with CPA Group for 18 months and have always worked in Gladstone.

What are your primary responsibilities?

Training and Business Development is my primary role. And I mainly cover Dangerous Goods Driver licence, the range of First aid courses including, CPR and occupational FA,  D&A.

What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?

The most challenging is the diversity of trainees and dealing successfully with them. The most enjoyable part if working with a great team in the Gladstone office.

I see a lot of potential for growth in the region, some of our courses don’t have much local competition.

There is a lot of regulation in Health & Safety and I think sometimes there is less of a role for common sense.


And what do you do in your spare time?

I only started running about 3 and a half years ago. With my first Ultra being in October 2018- The Balckall 100 (100km) which I used to qualify for the Tararewa ultra-marathon in NZ in February – which was 162k (100mile).

We train 6 days a week, under the watchful eye of our coach who develops our program, we just have to show up and get it done.

Our biggest training week was 47 hours so there is not a lot of time for much else.


What would your manager say?

My manager is Craig Noe. I hope he would say I am reliable and do my job.

Manager comment

We told Craig what Symone expected him to say – his response:

Well I could say Symone is reliable and does her job.

However, I would say she is down to earth, shows a hard exterior, but is passionate about things she believes in. (And is reliable and does her job!)