Luke was recommended for a staff spotlight by his site Team Leader, Darrin Savage.

We spoke with Luke who kindly made time on his day off, helping his father with a house move.

What is your professional background?

I am currently working as a firefighter ESO.

I was actually originally a tradesman – a carpenter – but for the last 2 years I have been working as a firefighter.


Where are you working now?

I am currently at a mine in north Qld, working as part of a 4 man team (2 ESOs, 1 PM and TL). I work a 7 day on / 7 day off rotation.

It’s good to work as part of a team, the other team members are happy to pass on their knowledge. At the end of the day, I spend more time with Darrin and the rest of the team than I do with my partner so it’s pretty important to all get on!


What other CPA Group sites have you worked?

I started with CPA Group as a security guard in Brisbane.


What are your primary responsibilities?

The CPA Group team works with the volunteer ERT team, with onsite training and team building.

We also need to assist the Paramedic in a medical emergency if required – it is a big site and the Paramedic may not be near the incident so we are required to provide medical assistance until they get there.

I am now close to completing Cert IV in Health Care (pre-hospital).

So you started with CPA as a security guard, then trained as an ESO and now you are nearly finished a Cert IV in Health Care. That’s a full house! (Luke personifies the CPA Group bundled service concept – 3 services in 1 professional!)


What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?

I think the work life balance with spending more time with the team than with family  – we even travel together.

I like to bring a positive and enthusiastic outlook to what we do, friendship and mateship is important – it is rewarding to see the team grow together.


And what do you do in your spare time?

I like going to gym.

We go to the beach to 4WD, camping, weekend adventures – we are heading to Fraser Island next month, hopefully the tailor is running!!


What would your manager say?

I’d like to think they would acknowledge my growth in the company. Hopefully they think I am easy going, I don’t stress the little things.


Manager comment

Kevin Waterman

Luke has been with CPA Fire and Rescue since the start of our contract in 2016 and has worked tirelessly to assist the team with exceeding client expectations.
Luke has recently taken a keen interest in upskilling himself in the medical field and he has one of CPAFR’s up and coming stars looking to move towards a supervisor position.