We are very proud to report on the winners of the following staff awards. Their dedication, professionalism, and tireless contributions are to be commended.


Employee of the Year

Recently, at the CPA Group Annual General Meeting, Harley Sparke presented the CPA Group Employee of the Year award to Owen Bryant.

Based in Gladstone, Owen has progressed from a maritime security guard to a surge and support team leader, additionally supporting all regions of security on an as required basis.

Recent projects with which Owen has been engaged include Rolleston mine, where he was instrumental in training and contingency planning for security, working very closely with the team onsite. This included training in rostering systems, reporting, and client liaison.

Owen has also supported the Abbot Point region regarding protester management.

Owen’s manager, Peter Shepherd, stated that ‘employees like Owen keep the wheels turning silently, and often go unnoticed. He continues to grow as an employee and is a mentor to younger guards in our workforce’.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Owen, and to thank him for his contribution and his tireless efforts.


Peter Shepherd.jpg

Manager of the Year

The Annual Director’s Manager of the Year Award recognises employees who have frequently exceeded the expectations of their role, and seeks to identify employees with potential for professional development.

Peter Shepherd, Regional Manager at Gladstone, was nominated for this award in recognition of his outstanding work in maintaining CPA Group’s footprint in the Gladstone region, as well as continuing to identify and secure new business development opportunities.

Peter has been an invaluable asset in mobilising new sites, such as Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal and Rolleston. He has also played an integral role in continuing to build upon our existing client relationships.

We thank Peter for his excellent work and for the terrific value of his contribution.

Tad Pattillo.jpg

The Stuart Callaghan Award

The Stuart Callaghan Award was established in 2013 in dedication to Stu Callaghan, who tragically passed away.

Stu was a member of the CPA Group family, and was last appointed as the Site Security Supervisor at WICET. The award recognises a CPA Group employee—either full-time or casual, permanent or multi-site allocated, for their continuing demonstration of: Dedicated customer service; outstanding performance of duty; commitment to teamwork; and commitment to security and safety in CPA Group operations.

This year, the Stuart Callaghan Award was presented to Tad Pattillo, Senior Asset Protection Officer. Tad was nominated for his work ethic and proactivity in conducting his duties. Tad has, as all times, been available to assist not only the Security Department, but all team members within CPA Group.

He is a team member well-respected by both his peers and by those personnel for whom he is responsible. At a moment’s notice, Tad will assist with all surge requirements, and undertakes his duties efficiently and effectively at all times.

Tad does great credit to both himself and his team. We thank Tad for upholding the highest standards of CPA Group.


Team of the Year


Sharon Bohan and Amanda Reynolds

The Team of the Year award aims to recognise and congratulate that team which conducted itself to the highest of standards, both in cohesion and in day-to-day operations.

This year, the award went to the security team at the Gregory Crinum Mine. They set a high benchmark, are a model of professionalism, and have consistently earned high praise and extremely positive client feedback.

CPA Group would like to thank the members of this team for their exemplary efforts this year, and recognise the truly valuable contribution they have made.

We are also very proud to mention that the Gregory Crinum Mine Security Team has been nominated for a bright spot award with BMA. Congratulations to the other team members missing in the photos: Dan young, Tony Walker, Leigh Scott and Jennifer Elliot.

GCM 2.png

Rebecca Lucy and Sue Berthun