12 - Copy.jpgKevin Waterman’s US trip

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is one of the largest private ERT companies in the southern hemisphere. Our clients not only expect us to provide a great service but also rely on us to monitor trends and improvements in our business to ensure they enjoy best practice in terms of people, equipment and processes.

Our Director of Emergency Services, Kevin Waterman, ensures that we are aware of the latest developments and one of his strategies is to attend the 2018 Fire Department Instructors Conference, first held in 1929 and for many years located in Indianapolis. 2018 was the 5th time that Kevin has attended this event and this year, the conference was attended by over 34,000 participants.

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As part of Kevin’s attendance, he attended training in areas such as Drones for firefighting, Fire investigation, Fire dynamics, Cancer prevention firefighting, and many more. He was able to attend networking events and meet firefighters from around the world to share experiences and learnings.

He was an enthusiastic visitor to the extensive trade show where exhibitors demonstrate the latest technology innovations in fire emergency response.

Kevin says: “This is always one of the highlights of the year and I see it as an important part of my professional development but more importantly, I can measure our services and technology against the very best and latest. We will never rest on our laurels.”