We recently spoke with Peter Shepherd regarding the Rolleston Mine in Central Queensland.

The Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) was successful in its tender, being awarded a contract for security and medical provision to the Rolleston Open Cut coal mine for Glencore.

This contract entails one security staff member onsite for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and one paramedic, working shift and always on call: Two members of each position working week-on week-off

CPA Group prides itself on successfully safeguarding elements of the resources industry, and delivering safety and control at access points, as these are vital operations.

Peter was pleased to report that everything has run very smoothly, and there’s been great teamwork across all elements of the service. In particular, CPA Group managed to carry out the effective implementation of these services in a very short time period.

Sound contract delivery is invaluable, and vital to all our operations, not to mention to our reputation as a premium emergency services provider. It promotes good business relationships, and has also opened up other avenues, such as training through our RTO, Baseline Training.

We recently commenced training in Rolleston, and a local employee completed her training and began working onsite. This is a prime example of how business and training platforms can support and positively influence local and surrounding communities.

The client, Glencore, has been very pleased with this transition, and we look forward to tracking the progress of our work at the Rolleston mine.