As an important part of the exciting celebrations around the registration and launch of CPA Group’s Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan, we unveiled this magnificent artwork, designed and painted specifically for CPA Group by Liz Maloney, Kamilaroi / Gamilaroi Woman, an enormously talented indigenous artist (who by the way, is also an Australian representative OzTag player!).

We take great pleasure in presenting below a photo of the artwork, titled “Connection to Community” although true justice requires seeing the real-life version which proudly adorns the CPA Group Head Office, welcoming all visitors to our company.

We asked Liz to provide the artist’s interpretation of her creation.

CPA Group is central and represented by the Black Circle.

The 4 White Circles inside the black represent Security, Health & Medical, Fire & Rescue and iSafe (divisions of CPA Group).

The surrounding White Shaped letters represent training and the 4 large white dots knowledge, depicting our Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Baseline Training.

The Blue represents the water and our marine operations footprint and the Orange our land operations footprint.

The black lines travelling in the 4 directions represents CPA Groups service offerings and you will see there is knowledge as we travel (white dots) to service our clients and communities along the way. Clients and Community are represented by the smaller black circles.

You can see we are connected with both land and sea 360 degrees – as well as providing an integrated supply chain suite of services to clients and community along our paths – – this being our ongoing journey.

This painting truly depicts CPA Group as a trusted provider who operates an integrated supply chain.

Utilising an integrated supply chain increases our flexibility to adjust to client requests, competitors’ actions, and events within the industries we service. Our model also reduces waste and lower costs.

We are extremely proud of this artwork and extremely grateful to Liz Maloney, who has produced such a meaningful and important contribution to CPA Group’s indigenous commitment.