At CPA Group, security is our heritage and we are rightly renowned for the quality of our elite workforce. Under the experienced leadership of Cris Murphy, National Operations Manager – Security, our teams are entrusted with protecting our clients’ most precious assets.

Cris runs a tight ship!

Although we are accustomed to positive feedback from our clients, the last couple of weeks have been amazing as unsolicited accolades pile in!

  • At Lytton Refinery, we were recently subject to a client Safety Review and were advised by a very happy client that ‘there were no issues to report’
  • At one of our mining sites in the Bowen Basin, our team was tasked during shutdown with conducting green calls to the shutdown team during the tasking. We received formal thanks and praise from the Manager for Major Shutdowns for our work
  • At Hay Point, our team assisted with a Management of Change (MoC) training block out

Our client sent his thanks: “I would personally like to thank you for your efforts and great work in the management of the MoC training block-out to site.  Without your support and expertise things would have not run as smoothly as they did”.

  • At Dalrymple Bay we underwent a safety audit completed by an external auditor. The findings were impressive as reported to us from our client:
    • There are no issues arising from the external audit.
    • Our security team set a high importance in complying with client and CPA Health and Safety policies and procedures.
    • Security initialised and utilise Electronic Take 5 reporting and also Electronic HAZOB reporting which is fully accessible 24/7 to the client Security Manager and PFSO.
    • Our Team has identified many possible risks that have now been amended by our client that has made the site a safer working environment not just for our security team but also for all client Employees and Contractors.
    • Since the commencement of the contract 1/6/17 the Security Team have 0 reports of injuries which relates to 497 LTI days

The other really impressive thing is that all of the above occurred in the period where we were providing major ad hoc support for the North Goonyella mine emergency.