Synthetic cannabis, also known as K2, Spice, Kaos or “fake weed” is sold online and in some shops. The now illegal drug is created by adding chemicals to dried organic material and is reported to be more powerful than the traditional drug it imitates. Because of the unknown origin of the chemicals, it can put users at a higher risk of illness or death.

With side effects ranging from high heart rates, high blood pressure, mental health issues, and suicide/death, workplace tests that detect this synthetic drug are vital to the resources industry where safety is the highest priority.

“Our workplace drug testing kits are currently being implemented onsite by our clients for pre-employment and random drug testing. The ability to test for synthetic cannabis not only protects their people, but assists them in complying with their duty of care and due diligence obligations” said Harley Sparke, Managing Director said.

“Users of these synthetic drugs believe that they do not contain the active ingredient (THC) found in cannabis and therefore will not be detected by workplace drug testing. This is not the case with our test kits,” Mr Sparke said.

Laws introduced in April now make it a criminal offence to possess, sell or traffic any substance with an intended similar effect to a dangerous drug.

Synthetic Cannabis tests are now available as a test strip in the popular DrugCheck Onsite Test Cup or as a single urine dip test. It will soon be available as a saliva test.

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