CPA Group’s core company value is loyalty – it defines who we are and what we stand for.

Nothing demonstrates commitment to this value than employees who commit to the company over many years of dedicated service.

And there are no better examples than Les Stockenstroom and Paul Bax who this month both passed their 10 year anniversary as CPA Group employees.

We will be providing much more detail on both Les and Paul in coming newsletters and their service will be formally acknowledged at our Annual General Meeting next month but we could not let the actual milestone pass without giving both Les and Paul our sincere congratulations and gratitude for the 10 years.

CPA Group Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke, has expressed his personal appreciation:

“Congratulations on what is a genuine milestone in today’s age and especially in our industry. I very much appreciate the hard work, blood sweat and tears you have put in for our company.”

Please join us in thanking Les and Paul and if you happen to see them, give them a big pat on the back!!