CPA Group has many years’ experience in the deployment and management  of Australia’s largest Emergency Services (Fire & Rescue) and with CPA Group Emergency Services Officers (ESOs) deployed at many remote sites, our clients rely on us as experts in the field.

Our National Operations Manager Fire & Rescue can be truly described as an Opinion Leader in his discipline and he is always up to date with the very latest innovations.

Kevin always attends the top industry gatherings to meet with his professional colleagues and suppliers. One recent example was the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC), AFAC 2019 conference held at the Melbourne Convention Centre recently.

This conference and trade show is the premier event within Australia and New Zealand for firefighting and emergency response.

This year’s event’s central theme was “a shift to the new norm: riding the wave of change” and offered a variety of learning activities, along with the chance to meet and network with key players within the industry, government etc.

Kevin commented:

There was some interesting information for developing state of the art training and learning systems for firefighting and emergency management.

Many of the sessions provided a better understanding of what we can offer as new services or value-added services to our existing clients and projects.

The AFAC 2019 conference provided a good overview of the path industry, governments and communities are taking. There are opportunities for CPA Group to broaden our service delivery to assist local governments and small organisations.