Corporate Protection Australia’s advisory division iSafe Safety Management Systems is the market leading provider of security advice to the maritime industry.

Services required by Maritime Industry Participants (MIPs) include:

  • Training of Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs)
  • assistance in conducting security risk assessments of ports and maritime facilities,
  • development and lodgement of MTOFSA-compliant Maritime Security Plans (MSP),
  • reviewing and auditing these plans and on a regular basis conducting drills and exercises to ensure preparedness in line with the submitted plans.

Over the years, iSafe has done a large volume of work to help protect important assets and facilities at Ports throughout Australia and Oceania. A recent example of this is the newly constructed wharf for Wagner Corporation on the Brisbane River.

Before the construction process had even begun the management team of Wagner’s Pinkenba realised they required some extra knowledge and skills to receive security regulated ships.  Our PFSO courses are held bi-monthly in Brisbane and Gladstone and the Head of Safety, Environment, and Quality and the manager Shipping and Logistics attended two consecutive courses.

After successfully completing the course the newly appointed PFSO and Deputy PFSO, of Wagner set us a challenge!

The wharf construction had not yet been completed, but the first ship had already been scheduled to berth.

The approval of a MSP generally takes 45 to 60 days, however with the right experience and determination the iSafe team managed to get the Wagner Maritime Security Plan approved in a record time of 20 days, the weekend before the first ship was due to come alongside.