The spotlight is shone on one of our very talented and bubbly ESO Nurses out at South Walker Creek Coal Mine, Kelli-Jade Martin.

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Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPAG): Where do you work, and what is your current role?

Kelli-jade Martin (KM): I’m a rescue Nurse at South Walker Creek. I’ve completed Cert III Mines Rescue, and I’m one of a team of three emergency service officers. I work in a clinic on site, providing health assessments and advice, education, and care for workers. I believe this mine was  one of the first to employ on-site nursing staff.

CPAG: Tell us about your team? What are your primary duties?

KM: We have a team leader, myself, and another emergency services officer. Our primary role as a team is emergency response, however we also check that CMW are engaging in safe practice when carrying out high risk duties, e.g. confined space or working at height. We conduct site checks and ensure that emergency response equipment is accessible and serviceable. Aside from this we conduct drug and alcohol testing, man the site access centre and at times escort trucks to various locations on site

CPAG: So, as a nurse trained in Mines Rescue, what is your opinion on CPAGs ‘bundling’ strategy?

KM: I feel as though the bundling system has worked incredibly well, given that it encourages better teamwork and coordination between the various ESOs. It has allowed a mutual understanding of each other’s duties and strengths, and increased our ability to perform those duties. We each have our specialties, but the common ground makes the interaction much easier.

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CPAG: What aspect of your work have you found to be the most challenging?

KM: I enjoy learning the fire science and rescue side of my current position,  It can be challenging, however  I am always happy to learn, and I feel very confident that my team will help me to increase my knowledge and  develop my skillset.

CPAG: What do you most enjoy about working at South Walker?

KM: The amazing people I get to work with, I’ve always found that to be the best part of any working environment. This broad range of individuals, with all kinds of different skills and vocations, that are happy to give me their knowledge.  I also love that the mine is alive and ever-changing, and some of the CMWs bring me pieces of petrified wood or fossilised leaves, these have spent millions of years under the surface. It’s exciting and fascinating, usually you would need to go to a museum to see these things.

CPAG: And what about it is the most fulfilling, on a profession or personal level?

KM: The most fulfilling part of my role professionally is I get to help people, I can advocate for them. It’s pretty special when they return after a time and thank-you for doing your job.. On a personal level, I get to work with some of the most hilarious and beautiful souls that make up the emergency response teams.. The  privilege is mine

CPAG: What did you do before working for CPAG?

KM: Before working for CPAG I worked as a nurse in correctional facilities, out in remote areas, and for the defence force.

CPAG: And what do you like, what are your interests? What’s your ideal weekend?

KM:  I love to dance, I’m pretty handy with a fishing rod.  Camping, horse riding,  UFC—Frankie Edgar and Matt Hughes, too many to list— I’m an NRL girl, I’m a huge fan of the Melbourne Storm. My ideal weekend, is camping in the bush somewhere, looking at my children laughing and teaching them something my mother or father has taken time to teach me.