Dr. Scott Wilkinson of CPAG Health and Medical and Mr. Paul Garforth, Occupational Health Advisor for ConocoPhillips, visited two clinics operated by CPA Group for ConocoPhillips—a client we are delighted to report is very pleased with our services, both at the Perth office level, and as offshore senior management.



The Floating Supply and Offtake (FSO) vessel and the Main Gas Platform (CUQ) passed audits at around the 97% mark, with only one significant medical discrepancy, a recording issue, requiring review.

They undertook medical scenario exercises on both facilities to test our medics Dave Robb and Donnie Mackenzie, and both did extremely well under adverse circumstances.

Mr. Garforth remains very pleased with our services and staff. It is always fulfilling to receive sound, positive feedback from our clients. It’s reassuring the arrangement is one of mutual loyalty and productivity, and that the services we render are both appreciated and sufficient.

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(Mr Garforth after some drills and skills delivered by Dr. Scott)