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Improved safety practices and increased efficiency??

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPAG) continues to pursue it’s vision of enhancing workplace safety through technological advancement and the digital transformation of essential safety processes.

As part of this drive, we have identified and partnered with best practice software solution providers from around the world – with a proven history and dedication to innovation – that allow CPA Group and our clients to realise our commitment to Zero Harm policies.

Our carefully selected software partners provide technology that facilitate a significant impact upon safety performance and operational efficiency.


eVision_LogoTM_RGB.jpgeVision Industry Software (Netherlands) – Leading Digital Transformation across the industryeVision Industry Software delivers ‘best-in-class’ Control of Work software. Innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, mining, energy, chemical and other hazardous industries operate on a global and local scale.

Over the last decade, eVision has been working with the world’s largest oil, gas and resource multinationals to streamline and enhance their Control of Work processes. Major organisations such as Shell, Statoil, BP, Total, ExxonMobil, Qatar Petroleum, Origin and many more have selected eVision as their Control of Work solution provider of choice to reduce risk and improve ‘Hands on Tool Time’ by up to 60%.

Find out why the largest multinationals have chosen eVision as their preferred Control of Work solution provider.




Evac Guide (Australia) – developed in Australia, this web-based fire safety and emergency planning compliance software platform empowers organisations to electronically manage fire safety compliance, develop detailed, customised Emergency Response Plan and optimise safety while adhering to all legal requirements.

Historically, sustained fire safety compliance has been an intimidating responsibility. Evac Guide provides an economic user friendly, simple solution that allows companies of any size to easily attain – and maintain – demonstrable compliance.

Online Fire Safety Training courses are available within the platform ensuring that training compliance requirements are not overlooked.

Evac Guide is particularly effective in monitoring compliance over multiple facilities and full set-up, implementation and user training is completed within hours.

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Beakon software (Australia) –  an industry-leading fully modular cloud-based QHSE software solution helping businesses manage and improve safety and compliance through a sophisticated safety system including modules such as incident reporting, contractor management, risk register, safety, task, and learning management systems.

As a fully scalable and configurable system that incorporates mobility and unlimited users, the possibilities are endless. Beakon provides the complete QHSE solution.


Safety is the priority for all of us. Solutions today help deliver quality safety outcomes tomorrow!

Only the best safety solutions also enhance productivity and operational efficiencies.