CPA Group measures, monitors and reports on its performance through a range of quality management and control tools including external audits, KPI measures and objectively verified performance measures.

One important component is an independent third party client satisfaction survey conducted by professional market researchers and generating a report across a number of key measures and allowing our clients to rate and comment on our performance.

The results of the annual survey is reported to the CPA Group Board of Directors and over the years we can review trends in our performance.

Metrics include reporting, staff dress and demeanour, compliance, quality of management and induction amongst many others. The survey is a true measure of both our performance at site and at Head Office.

One area which is always examined closely is the level of integration of our staff at site. We believe this is a critical element of our service – it shows that our team are out and about, adding value to client operations and really delivering a significant return on the investment made by site management. The trends are extremely encouraging. Another area that also attracts the attention of our senior management is the likelihood that the client would recommend CPA Group. Again, the numbers speak for themselves.

These comments by the professional market research company summed up the results:

Overall the results have been extremely positive.

Having conducted this survey three years in a row (we) can say that the overall results have improved significantly and consistently over this time. T
here were no areas of concern identified in this year’s survey results.