Regular readers of our news items will know that CPA Group is very active in promoting Reconciliation, Indigenous Culture Awareness and Community Building and we are extremely proud of our Indigenous Advisor, Lorraine Hatton.

Lorraine was Queensland’s 2019 Australian of the Year Finalist and most recently received her Order of Australia medal (OAM).

(As an interesting aside, Lorraine and husband Dave, a 6 year CPA Group employee) must be unique as a married couple where both partners have separately received this award!)

In February, Lorraine kindly presented Cultural Dreaming Awareness Training to all CPA Group Brisbane Head Office based staff.

Lorraine believes that every Australian deserves to be engaged, motivated and empowered and that once people are connected or reconnected with cultural principles, a quiet revolution of empowerment, engagement and mindfulness is possible.

Lorraine’s highly interactive, entertaining and informative style ensured we were all incredibly engaged and everyone walked away with huge insights and a lot to think about.

We all agreed that this training should be offered to the entire CPA Group workforce and to many of our clients many of whom are leaders in indigenous support and awareness.

If you get a chance, try to attend one of Lorraine’s sessions.

Lorraine left us with these thoughts:

Every generation has an opportunity to learn from the past and carry wisdom into the future.

Together we can all look forward and create a better future.