CPA Group’s suite of services is provided to companies across mining, oil and gas, LNG, CSG, energy, mining, construction and critical infrastructure (including maritime and airports) sectors.


Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) provides services to mining clients including BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, AngloAmerican, Yancoal, Newcrest, Harmony Gold and Wesfarmers.

We specialise in the provision of ‘bundled’ services – Rescue Paramedics providing both Medical and Fire & Rescue expertise, Security professionals who can contribute to site Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) and Emergency Services staff with medical qualifications.

At all times we ensure site compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, the Coal Mine Safety and Health Act 1999 (QLD) and their respective associated regulations, codes of practice and guidelines.


CPA Group has developed a reputation as the leading provider of medical, security and emergency services to the Oil & Gas, LNG, Coal Seam Gas, and Energy generation companies.

Current clients in this sector include:

  • Woodside Energy
  • Santos
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Caltex
  • CS Energy Power stations
  • BP
  • Viva Energy
  • Shell


CPA Group has been involved in maritime operations at key Australian ports since 1997.

Today we are now one of Australia’s foremost maritime companies, with clients among Australia’s leading Ports, Port Service Providers, Offshore Facilities, Container, General and Bulk Cargo Operators and various shipping companies.

Currently, we are the largest supplier of Maritime Security Guards (MSGs) in Queensland and have a market leading Australian wide share of all Maritime Industry Participants (MIPs) that require written maritime security plans (MSPs), PFSO and MSG training, MSP audits, drills and exercises, and all MTOFSA compliant services.

We have assisted our clients in the development, writing, and auditing of Maritime Security Plans since the inception of MTOFSA (2003).

Our maritime services have been provided to such companies as Port of Brisbane Corporation, Port of Townsville, Ports Corp Queensland, Gladstone Ports Corporation, Maritime Safety Queensland, Port of Sydney, Australian Helicopters, Rio Tinto, BHP, BP, Caltex, Patrick Corporation and DP World plus many other providers.

We are the preferred supplier of Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) staff, training, and PFSO refreshers.


Corporate Protection Australia Group provide practical and effective protection services to the aviation industry including personnel, equipment and consultancy. Our core focus is to provide an intelligent and balanced service with discretion and skill to ensure a safe and secure environment for our clients, public and all vested stakeholders.

CPA Group have been providing airside and landside security services to the aviation industry and its contractors since 2013.

CPA Group’s dedicated aviation personnel provide aviation security services including:

  • Airside and construction site access control
  • Airside vehicle patrols and escort duties
  • Airside escort services for controlled areas
  • Passenger screening
  • Special event zone guarding
  • Landside perimeter patrols
  • Vehicle inspections
  • EIA (Enhanced Inspection Area) screening
  • Static guarding
  • ADA and ASIC escorting
  • Related aviation training

The depth of knowledge amongst our staff, together with their hands on experience ensure compliance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004, Aviation Security Regulations 2005 and Aviation Screening Notice 2013. We are experienced with various Airport Transport Security Plans and Screening Programs as they apply the legislation to the local environment.

Our manpower division was awarded the aviation Tier 1 security contract for the G20 Conference held in Brisbane in November 2014. We provided:

  • Over 190 Aviation Protection Officers working 24 hours a day
  • Security vehicle patrols
  • Security access control for government and police vehicles and personnel
  • 4 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) operators working 24 hours a day
  • Other escort and supervisory roles


CPA Group has extensive experience in the construction environment and can provide a tailored solution for any construction project regardless of the size or location. Having worked on some of the most high profile projects that the country has ever seen, we know that construction projects require flexibility – with the ability to ramp up or scale down at short notice and to maintain a large contingency workforce to support the ever changing requirements of the project.  Likewise, CPA Group understands that production stoppages are costly so our focus at all times is to ensure we plan for all contingencies and provide all the necessary resources to get the job done.

Recent construction project examples where CPA Group provided services to include:

  • Brisbane Airport new parallel runway
  • QCLNG project Curtis Island
  • Hay Point coal terminal
  • Legacy Way tunnel project
  • Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade
  • TRX Project in Kuala Lumpur

Oil & Gas

Corporate Protection Australia Group is one of the leading health, safety and emergency response contractors to the oil and gas sector in Australasia. Our seasoned personnel are experienced in both remote onshore and offshore environments and have a wealth of knowledge relating to the risks associated with production, storage, transportation and operational challenges faced within the industry.  Specifically, over the past 10 years we have been called upon to provide personnel and expert advice for floating production storage & offloading (FPSO) facilities, at large scale hydrocarbon processing plants and at various collection apparatus located in remote fields.

Over this same period our personnel have responded to life threating medical emergencies, large gas fires, petrol fire and hazardous materials incidents. We have direct and recent experience through incidents and training in such areas as incident management, gas and fuel leaks, running fuel fires, LNG pool fires and long duration hazardous materials incidents.

Corporate Protection Australia Group remains focused on strengthening our relationships with our customers, co-venturers, governments and communities to ensure we remain a partner of choice and a market leader in oil and gas.

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