CPA Group has an ongoing core value of safety in the workplace and has a fundamental philosophy of ongoing consultation and communication with clients, staff, and industry, which helps keep our people safe.

The CPA Group adopts an all-hazards approach to safety management in the workplace. People are our most important asset and their, and our clients health and safety is our greatest concern.

Organisations with successful safety records have a safety culture that starts from the very top and reaches to all levels of the organisation. Safety is discussed every day, at every opportunity.

It is always very exciting to get true third-party validation of the success of our safety focus. As recently announced, we have upgraded our ISO accreditation in  OHSAS 18001:2015 Safety management system and AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational health & safety management system.

We have also received the latest statistics from WorkCover showing our own safety performance as compared with our industry and as measured by our WorkCover premiums. We can see how we are tracking against our peers and ourselves, year on year.

Safety is not only the right thing to do but these results demonstrate that it also makes good business strategy that can bring positive financial benefits and most importantly a healthier work force.

The graph below shows two things:

  1. Despite the often remote and hazardous industries and environments we work in, our performance as compared with our peers continues to be much better than the industry average
  2. The work we are all doing to achieve a safer working environment is having an impact as we improve year on year

CPA Group Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke, who is so passionate about the welfare and safety of our staff commented on these positive results:

“These are not just numbers on a page. They translate to a safer work environment for our team, reduced work-related injuries and is a great result for everyone. Our staff, managers and team members alike need to know this and receive the huge pat on the back they all deserve”.

Can we improve our performance again this year! Over to you!”