CPA Group’s highly rated team at Gregory Crinum recently demonstrated their professionalism, emergency services skills and responsiveness to critical incidents during a recent fire incident near their Bowen Basin location.

On their way home from shift CPA Group security officers Bec Lucy and Sue Berthun were the first to raise the alarm in response to the incident. The site safety and operations manager, crew from the site facilities management company and the Site Superintendent were promptly notified of the emergency, plans were put in place, discussed and tasks/positions allocated.

The plans were acted upon by the site safety and operations manager and our team members Jenny Elliott and Dan Young.

Dan was sent to establish the precise location of fire and determine the best route for attending equipment and a CPA Group water truck was soon dispatched. The fire was located and communicated to OCE, ongoing amendments to the Response plan needed to be made due to weather and ground conditions and equipment available.

Dan Young was deployed to the Dragline gate to assist with directions, logistics etc. ion the event that local fire and rescue were required.

Within 16 minutes from the initial alarm, the Water truck was parked up and the loader was responding to the fire.

Further information on the fire location and severity along with photos and location information was sent and again the new information was incorporated into the response plan.

After swift action by our team, fire breaks were soon established and spot fires extinguished.

Crisis averted and once again, huge congratulations to our Gregory Crinum team.

Colin Shields, CPA Group’s Field Contract Manager praised the team: ‘The CPA Group Gregory Crinum Team, led by Dan Young and Sharon Bohan, continue to set the standard, not just within CPA but also within BMA’.