As a family owned and operated company based in Queensland and operating extensively throughout regional Australia, CPA Group is committed to the local communities in which it operates.

We pride ourselves on a successful history of over 20 years, engaging local suppliers and forging long lasting relationships within the Queensland region.

We do not just talk about local content, it is a reality – whether it be through local employment, procurement or just supporting communities through outreach initiatives, CPA Group is always looking for ways in which we can contribute.

There is no better example than the city of Gladstone, where we have operated for many years and have stablished a highly successful branch office under Peter Shepherd, Regional Operations Manager, Gladstone.

Under Peter’s management, we have a major local presence at many of the largest resource and maritime operations in the area including a dominant market presence on Curtis Island and in the Gladstone region generally.

As long-standing members of the Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA), CPA Group has been nominated and was awarded at the GEA Gala Dinner and Industry Awards in October in recognition of our 10 years’ service and membership of the GEA.

The ceremony was attended by a number of CPA Group representatives including Harley Sparke, (CPA Group Executive Chairman), Peter Shepherd and members of his Gladstone team.

On the photo from left to right, with Harley and Peter, GEA President Ken Corfield and GEA Acting CEO Julie Gelder.

Peter commented on the dedication and loyalty of many staff some of whom have been with the company in the region for many years.

All staff of the group, past and present, have contributed to the success of the CPA Group brand. It is exciting to work with a new wave of innovative employees who are constantly refining and streamlining how we perform every day tasks and seek efficiency as part of our working culture.

The market and conditions have been tough in the last few years and highly competitive. Providing quality service and constantly looking to innovate and add value for customers has resulted in our footprint remaining strong throughout the region.

The GEA and the members within the alliance have been excellent to work with. The members are very inspiring and honest with some of their stories in business, good and bad. It is a privilege to be part of this alliance.

CPA Group have been an active member and supported numerous charities and high-profile events around the region, this is something all staff within the group should be proud of.”