CPA Group has successfully transitioned one of the largest single emergency service contracts in the Australian mining industry. In December of 2016, CPA mobilised a dedicated workforce of in excess of 20 full-time professionals, ranging from paramedics and nurses to emergency service and site access officers.

The Group maintained its trending success at implementing complex and challenging services, following a mobilisation in July 2016 involving over 50 staff across five separate locations, and the full range of paramedic, nursing, fire and rescue, and security teams.

An acknowledged industry pioneer of the ‘bundled’ model, CPA Group provides a plethora of services all bound into one: A motivated, highly qualified workforce supported by our own training company, Baseline Training.

We have built a solid reputation as a provider of premium emergency services, and as a market leader. The training, the quality, and the multi-skilling of our staff set us apart from our industry competitors.

CPA Group has experience managing the largest private emergency —fire and rescue—service in Australia, and we have continued this tradition in transitioning the successful mobilisation of a large, versatile, specialised workforce at Curragh Mine.

CPA Group’s registered training organisation (RTO), Baseline Training, supports all CPA services at the Curragh mine, dedicating five days each month to training, retraining, and upskilling. While training at Curragh is currently unaccredited, it serves its key purpose of maintaining the quality of the site’s workforce. The RTO also operates drug and alcohol testing training, inductions, injury management, and the return to work programme.

Wesfarmers sought CPA Group to be the sole provider of all elements including nurses, paramedics, fire and rescue teams, and security. In the interest of efficiency, they required each member of this cohort to be dedicated and suited to a single role. CPA and Baseline continue to manage these roles; organising teams and providing workers while focusing on upskilling and training.

At Curragh mine, CPA maintains a four-member Emergency Response Team (ERT) on duty 24 hours a day, a full-time security detail, paramedics either on duty or on call and registered nursing staff. While the mine does incorporate an element of Baseline-trained volunteers to assist the ERT, owing to the sheer size of the site, CPA was contracted to establish dedicated teams, rather than a volunteer base. Whereas volunteers are shift-dependent, may change employment, and are forced to balance themselves between two or more positions, a team of dedicated, experienced professionals offers a service like no other.

This is a prime example of the efficiency that be achieved upon implementing a specifically-skilled team of safety, security, medical, and emergency response personnel as varying arms of a single entity.

The emergency service contract at Curragh is a testament to the effectiveness and the potency of CPA Group in its capacity to provide staff, train workers, and manage the entirety of this system—its dedication to its clients’ wishes, and its ability to mobilise a skilled workforce into effecting versatile roles across a large-scale operation.