CPA Group Health & Medical has continued its international expansion with our most recent breakthrough in Malaysia supporting the TRX construction project managed by Lend Lease – an iconic 70-acre development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is without doubt the most high profile project in KL.


On 18th June 2018, Corporate Protection Malaysia, in collaboration with local partner PEMSS (Paramedic Emergency Medical Services Sdn Bhd) commenced a long term contract to provide medical services for the project through our client, Lend Lease.

PEMSS is a small but very professional Malaysian paramedic service provider. PEMSS Medical Director, Dr Abdul Ali, is an Assoc. Prof of Emergency Medicine and Master Trainer. He is also the founder and creator of the current Paramedic Science Diploma curriculum in Malaysia and very passionate about seeing emergency medical services improve dramatically.

Our partnership has created a superior emergency medical service provider through a measured and gradual integration of the CPA Group Standard Clinic Operating Procedures and alignment to the highly regarded Australian Paramedic service model, delivered by local staff.

The result is an international standard emergency medical service available at locally competitive rates and employing local staff. All supported by CPA Group Medical Director Dr Scott Wilkinson and Samantha Pearce, our WA Operations Coordinator.