Site integration is a core competency at CPA Group.

To us, integration means that our staff are out and about, contributing wherever they can and offering to help in any way, often outside the contracted scope. We aim to be site leaders in WHSE across the entire operation.

This ensures we are valued by site personnel, and is why we have an exemplary track record of client retention and contract renewal, with many client relationships already more than 10 years and counting!

Nothing illustrates this more than when CPA Group staff win client staffing contribution awards.

Kenneth Mulcair, our site medic on Curtis Island was recently recognised for ‘outstanding personal dedication’ for his support given to all workers and teams sitewide.

This was also in recognition of Kenneth’s contribution to morning pre starts, environmental support during operations taskings, involvement and support for the site staff family day, extra training as required (LVR, F/A and ERT skills maintenance), participation in site wide events and always cheerful and approachable.

Kenneth is a fine example of the quality of our staff and is a further reason that our workforce are regarded not as contractors but as team members, wherever we operate.

Well done Kenneth!