As recently announced on this website, through its partnership with Sky Touch Global, CPA Group consulting division iSafe SMS is now an authorised auditing partner for the Global Lighthouse Certification Program in Australasia.

This global Certification Program identifies the level of safety and security of a hotel through an extensive safety and security audit.  It provides hotel companies and boutique hotels a Security Framework, Management Tool, and a Risk Mitigation Strategy to meet market expectation.

One of iSafe’s consultants and Hotel industry expert, Stefan Hiller, recently audited the first Indonesian hotel of a large international hotel chain. During his visit, Stefan also took the opportunity to learn more about the Indonesian business culture, gain a better understanding of the market and the existing safety and security standards in Indonesia.

The 2002 Bali terror attack changed the security landscape in Bali forever.

Stefan has established a team on the ground and trained our local auditors in conducting hotel security audits on behalf of Sky Touch Global and CPA Group.

While in Bali, Stefan had a real life opportunity to witness emergency preparedness when he experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake:

“It was very eerie when the earth started to shake with other hotel guests starting to run down the stairs screaming and the hotel guests, including myself, evacuated on to the side of the road.

This gave me an opportunity to observe that the emergency response plan in the hotel I was staying completely failed. No communication or direction of staff, no one told us where we needed to go to be safe, or when we were allowed to go back to our rooms.

 It proves the importance of certifying hotels in safety and security in this part of the world, so travelers can make a better decision of which hotel properties have better safety & security standards as compared with others.”