Boyne Smelters (Rio Tinto)

In my 6 years on the emergency services I thought that was the best training I have had to date. All the information was very relevant and tailored towards our work environment. Danny was a very good

C. Thomas
Port of Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane security team are responsible for security operations across the precinct of the Port of Brisbane. As part of this responsibility we control access to the Future Port Expansion Project [FPEP] which is an ongoing construction project to expand the land capacity of the Port operations on Fisherman Island. CPA has an ongoing relationship with the Port of Brisbane with the supply of security personnel and training services to both ourselves and many port facilities within our precinct. We have found CPA to be professional in their training and service supply.

Port of Brisbane
Security Manager
Port of Townsville

The Port of Townsville is currently undergoing a major project development for the Townsville Port Precinct. CPA currently train our personnel in Port Facility Security Officer management and also our guards in Maritime Security Guard operations. We have found their training to be industry relevant and have received positive course feedback.

Port of Townsville

Whilst a medical emergency is never good news a positive and prompt response is the next best thing. Well Done CPA Group medics you did a fantastic job this morning. 11th October 2017

HSE Manager, Bowen Basin Coal mine, Open Cut
HSE Manager

To achieve this type of feedback is indicative of a very high standard of training delivery. Thank you very much for such a successful delivery of Confined Space Entry & Breathing Apparatus training. 22nd June 2017

Confined Space Entry & Breathing Apparatus training

If I need security, CPA will be the first to know. I'll certainly be recommending you whenever asked! 16th May 2017

BMA Accommodation Manager
Gladstone Ports Corporation

The staff awareness course went very well. Positive feedback received on the delivery and content. All up a valuable learning experience. 5th April 2017

Gladstone Ports Corporation
Security Superintendent
Curragh Mine

The boys did great this last week with the emergencies on site. 16th May 2018

Curragh Mine
Category Specialist – Critical Mining,

Huge praise for CPA Group ESO and paramedic for their efforts in reviving the guy, apparently a ball of sweat after CPR for 40 minutes. They then did another bull dozer roll over rescue the next morning. 16th May 2018


The Shutdown went well, the coverage was really good. (The Medic) was very helpful doing the emergent work night, the guys had to do more face fit testing than anticipated due to a new contract not capturing the requirement but handled it really well. The hydration testing was excellent effort from the medics. I just thought I’d give you a general overview and extend my appreciation to all. 7th June 2018

LNG facility

Appreciate you being so reasonable and professional to work with on this audit. 1 September 2018

HAZCHEM Audit, Defence Facility
WHS Manager
BMA Hay Point

I would personally like to thank you for your efforts and great work in the management of the moc training block-out to site. Without your support and expertise with tams/suresite things would have not run as smooth as they did. Still a few shifts to go ( tonight ) but things should become easier going forward. Thanks again and you all will be receiving a values award at the managers meeting today. 2nd October 2018

BMA Hay Point
HSE Manager

I have had some very positive feedback from one of your colleagues onsite today that I wanted to share. “I have worked very closely with (CPA Group Medic) this week and would just like to feedback nothing but positives. His follow up and communication have been first rate. It gives great peace of mind to know that we have a professional on site that is both thorough and professional.” I would reiterate this message as well and thank you for your close communication and injury management onsite. You are a very welcome addition to our team. 12th October 2018

Oil & Gas
Occupational Health Advisor
Ai Group

Just wanted to thank you again for the great work from you and your team yesterday. It was a pleasure working with you. The fact the event was held with no incidents was down to your thoughtful and considered planning and execution. 20th February 2019

Ai Group
National Manager, Brisbane

Well done for sending (Medic) towards (our) Mine and her service delivery here onsite has been noticed . From my side a young Para Medic with a passion and love for the work she has been task to do. Ps Medic to remain here as she on her short time here has done a lot of change to promote her role here and the crew members love the way she communicates to our workforce. 12th November 2018

HSE Manager , Bowen Basin

Thanks for organising (Asset Protection Officers) at such short notice to assist with our recent facility security requirement. They were very professional and alerted me to elements of the activity that I hadn't considered which helped us ensure the two days passed without incident; all the while instilling confidence that the team was in good hands if any action escalated. 12th March, 2019

Asset Protection Officers
Equipment Maintenance Manager

Thanks for organising (Maritime Security staffing) at such short notice to assist with our recent facility security requirement. They were very professional and alerted me to elements of the activity that I hadn't considered which helped us ensure the two days passed without incident; all the while instilling confidence that the team was in good hands if any action escalated. Please pass our thanks to (the team). 29th March 2019

Maritime Security Staffing

I am pleased to advise you all, the external Home Affairs Audit did not identify any non-compliances during the inspection. I would like to extend my appreciation to the team for your efforts to achieve this result. The job ahead is to maintain this and with the team we have, I am confident we will achieve this result next audit. In addition to this, the achievement of no Lost Time Injuries is a great benchmark heading towards 670 days. You are the face of the business, usually the first and last interaction a visitor experiences. 28th March 2019

Port Facility Security Officer

I recently had the pleasure of working … with Peter Wildman from CPA Group. Not only did I work with Pete on professional terms, but after suffering a mild allergic reaction, I was also able to experience his expertise first hand. Pete was extremely thorough and professional through-out his assessment and treatment, which made me feel I was being very well looked after and cared for. His personality and humour also helped me to relax in a new, rather stressful situation. After providing me with anti-histamines, he continued to monitor me until my symptoms had completely subsided – which also helped to distract me from what had just occurred, again calming some of the anxiety I had. It was an absolute pleasure working with Pete and I can only hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again. 15th May 2019

Western Australia Team
Health & Safety Adviser

I’d just like to send an email to you regarding the outstanding attitude of your medic here at the Oil & Gas shutdown. He has helped me with the upmost professionalism and understood a lot of my concerns then helped me deal with them accordingly. I hold him in high regard and hope to see him on future projects as part of our medical support team. 7th May 2019

Outstanding Medic
Resource Estimator

Team, Can’t say enough how proud I am to have you in my team! I know we approach every case that we have in a professional manner and this is clear from the email of appreciation below. Thanks again and keep up the exemplary work! 9th May 2019

Medical Team
Advisor Occupational Health

The Medics, …., turned up with their ambulance to begin the rescue process. It was extremely painful just getting on the stretcher. They took me to the Medical Centre and did what they could to make me as comfortable as possible and transported me to ….., calling ahead to inform the hospital of what they were about to receive. No doubt the process was very stressful for you guys. You are my heroes! I can’t thank you enough. Very professional and the safest pair of hands! 8th May 2019

Incident Response

Overall the results have been extremely positive. Having conducted this survey three years in a row I can say that the (CPA Group) overall results have improved significantly and consistently over this time. There were no areas of concern identified in this year’s survey results. 11th July 2019

Market Researcher
Market Researcher

The votes are in! Great response from our staff and your trainer (Brett) Let’s work on keeping this moving forward. Thank you again for your fantastic service. 27th June 2019

Awesome job with our training
Training Specialist

I would like to thank you for your expert care of Chairman and his family during their visit. Your coordination of the airport logistics, crew and vehicles was extremely smooth and at all times professional. Thank you for ensuring their safety and comfort at all times – it’s greatly appreciated. 26th June 2019

Safety Expert
Chief Operating Officer

To recognise the team - their medical emergency management was second to none - recognising the severity immediately, working together to quickly ascertain the cardiac rhythm from the 12 lead ECG and administering protocol treatment for acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) on route. This demonstrates the importance of the medical service on site – in this instance it saved a life and provided the IP with the best possible outcome.

Heart Attack
Health & Safety Manager