Martin Anderson

Lead Analyst

Martin has abroad background of experience. Starting his journey working in the engineering department for a local council before moving to a private sector engineering department whilst he undertook his studies in civil engineering. He also worked in the hospitality sector at this time to support himself and was quickly recognised for his adaptable and ability to interact with people from all walks of life. Martin quickly moved from auditing, front of house and into management positions for major five-star hotel chains where he managed properties in New Zealand and Australia for nearly ten years.

Martin became involved in the security industry when he decided to leave the hotel life and follow a passion for flying.  Working towards his commercial helicopter licence part time, he took up security for what he thought at the time as a fill in while studying. It has now been a twenty-year adventure only broken by a short contract as an ambulance officer in remote Australia, as the practice manager for a law firm and with the odd contract flying. The adventure has taken Martin around the world working through Australia, New Zealand, into Asia, the middle East and Europe.

Martin was lucky to work in highly trained teams where he was able to develop skills that are not usually found in the commercial world. Martin’s ability to absorb information, adapt quickly to different situations and his practical skills have seen him work on corporate, private and government contracts around the world.

Over the years, Martin has been heavily involved in volunteer emergency response groups. He has held positions in fire and rescue services as a station officers, an on-road ambulance officer, a helicopter rescue crewman and a member of the response team following the Christchurch earthquakes.

Martin has been with the Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA) since 2017. Martin took up the post as Port Facility Security Officer, overseeing the counter terrorism compliance for the Brisbane Cruise Terminal. Martin has also taken on the lead of Isafe Safety Management Systems, the consulting arm of CPA where he has introduced  global products that are moving the CPA group on to the worldwide stage in compliance and safety training.