At this time of year, it is wonderful to share a good news story sent in from our staff remotely located in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

Hidden Valley Medical Clinic is located high in the hills of PNG and is managed by CPA Group Paramedics supporting the Hidden Valley gold mine in Morobe Province.

For over 5 years, our Paramedics have provided clinical leadership and professional development for the medical staff at site.

On 14th December at 0708 hours a beautiful baby boy weighing 3.5kg was born in the Emergency Bay of the Hidden Valley Medical Clinic.

Although this was a unique and unexpected event, both mother and baby were healthy throughout. After a rest both were evacuated to the Maternity ward of the Bulolo Hospital.

This was the first birth within the clinic however the depth of staff skill and experience ensured all went well.

Phil Tisdale, CPA Group Paramedic was present. His comment? “Was a fun morning.”

Based on this photo, great job Phil!!!