Security Training

Security Systems

At Corporate Protection Australia Group, we believe technology utilised appropriately, it is an extremely important tool in our arsenal for developing comprehensive site security.

Moreover, a company’s operations are paramount when selecting and implementing any technology. Security systems must support, and where possible, increase an organisation’s profitability whilst complimenting operations.

camera.jpgiSafe supplies, installs and maintains security related systems, including:

  • Rapid deployment cameras (RDC) with infrared capability, three day recording, and battery power
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Boom gates
  • Access control systems
  • Patrol recording systems
  • Contractor management systems
  • GPS tracking systems (Including in vehicle monitoring systems)
  • Security fences (monitoring and alarm capability)
  • Asset tracking/recording systems
  • Additional security measures (e.g. bollards, tyre spikes etc)

Having CPA Group supply and install products ensures your staff has access to immediate support and specific training. We ensure that all staff are competent and confident in operating electronic security systems. The result is a higher level of system confidence, proficiency, service delivery and security.

For further information on our Security Systems Services, please contact us.