Security Consultancy

CPA Group's consultancy division, Corporate Protection Australia Infrastructure (CPAI) is Australia’s foremost maritime security consultancy company.

With clients among Australia’s leading ports, port service providers, offshore facilities, container, general and bulk cargo operators and various shipping companies, CPAI can assist you with services including:

  • security risk management
  • security plans
  • critical vulnerability studies
  • maritime security
  • naval security
  • business continuity and recovery 
  • disaster assessment

Our credentials ensure solutions that minimise risk, and contribute significantly to the goal of compliance to applicable legislation.

CPAI adopts an all-hazards approach which offers a greater justification for business investment to mitigate the risk of other less severe, but more likely threats. The specific exposures to any company are identified through vulnerability and security risk assessments which identify the appropriate mitigation strategies. Mitigation strategies are consistent with business continuity planning to achieve critical infrastructure protection and realistic outcomes. This simultaneously provides businesses with a range of benefits from reduced risk to efficiency gains. In doing this, we protect the people, assets and brand of any organisation.

More Information

To discuss your security consultancy requirements with CPA Group, please contact us.