Emergency Response Teams (ERT)

Our ERT’s are staffed entirely by professional fire fighters, paramedics and asset protection personnel, most of whom have served with a government or an international emergency service / defence force.  These men and women are trained and experienced in managing any incidents, treating or stabilising injuries and illnesses presented in the field, whilst also securing key assets.  

This capability is underpinned by a comprehensive initial and ongoing site specific risk and security assessments; in conjunction with daily / weekly site specific drills and exercises, ensuring total familiarity with the site or sites that they are responsible for.  This approach ensures the skill set and drilling of deployed personnel match all identified risks as well as site and legislative requirements.

member’s training and qualifications will be based on global ERT best practice, proven methodologies and a systematic approach, enabling sites to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents that are traditionally encountered within the mining, maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

With CPA Group providing the ERT members, our staff become a part of your onsite team, driving a culture of zero harm; encouraging and educating all staff to adopt an all hazards approach to safety management in the workplace.  This has the flow on effect of providing the best outcomes for our clients through increased operational efficiency, raised awareness of available on site services and the additional benefit of raised workforce morale.

More Information

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