Asset Protection Officers

Corporate Protection Australia Group provide professional asset protection officers, supervisors and coxswains who have undertaken real-life training specific to the maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

Our Asset Protection Officers and Supervisors are fully trained to AS4421-1996 (Australian Standard for guards and patrols) and hold relevant licences, including security and driving (applicable for vehicle/s supplied) and current first aid certificates. Officers are chosen for a combination of their technical and people skills, as well as their ability to cope with, and manage change.

Numerous asset protection officers are trained and qualified in breath alcohol testing to AS 3547-1997 as well as to the manufacturer’s specifications for the Lion Alcolmeter SD400.  To date, CPA has conducted over 500,000 breath alcohol tests at various sites.

Our staff are trained to operate and be fully conversant with various electronic access control systems including the DSX system and are competent in producing the various reports available from such systems.  Staff have a practical working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook.

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