Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Australia’s economic future and way of life depends on Maritime Security - from patrolling our vast coastline to ensuring the efficient movement of goods and services.

Corporate Protection Australia Group are specialists in Maritime Security and are ideally placed and equipped to provide a comprehensive range of MTOFSA compliant security services.

We know the legislation in detail – key CPA Group personnel were intimately involved in the development of the MTOFSA in consultation with DoTaRs (now Office of Transport Security [OTS]).

CPA Group’s management and staff know the industry, having successfully managed security operations at key Australian ports since 1997. This has covered a period of the greatest industrial turmoil and change in Australian maritime history. The CPA Group specialises in the maritime industry. We offer custom-made security protection solutions regardless of your size, scale or location.

CPA Group offers a full complement of maritime security legislative compliant services to ports, port facilities and port service providers across Australia.