Our Services

CPA Group can assist your organisation in the unlikely event of an industrial dispute with:

  • Preventative assessment and planning
  • Identify and evaluate your organisations critical operations and key assets
  • On site security audit – identifying existing security procedures
  • Identify potential threats and the resulting risks – including potential weaknesses caused by human factors in your existing infrastructure, policies and procedures
  • Prioritise security measures
  • Contingency planning: we will audit your existing industrial dispute management plan and work side by side with your legal team and staff, develop robust crisis management and business continuity procedures.
  • Vulnerability and security audit: we will conduct vulnerability and security audits on operations, management, staff and external operational partners (suppliers, vendors, sub contractors etc.)
  • Security awareness and detection training: we prepare a practical checklist to ensure your staff are aware and alert to all potential threats and risks. The best policies and procedures are only as effective as their implementation and operation.
  • PR and media management: we provide expert consultation in managing publicity and dealing with press and other media.
  • Products: researching and specifying ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ products to augment crisis management planning.
  • Immediate response delivery: we can deputise a hand-picked Immediate Response Team to work with your management and external agencies.
  • Security support: we also offer trained operational security personnel, who can be placed on-site or at your control office to monitor and/or conduct direct security operations.
  • Post incident management: we follow up with an extensive post-incident debriefing. This includes a review of incident management planning and procedures. We also provide post-incident recovery services.

Forewarned is forearmed! Our experienced consultants can help you identify risks across your entire organisation.

This can greatly reduce your exposure to such risks. Please Contact us for further information.