Medical Staffing

iStock_000013157463Large.jpgWe do not simply supply a qualified paramedic, registered nurse or doctor. Our staff understand and follow a comprehensive set of management and clinical guidelines designed to guarantee a safe, healthy workplace.

Core to this approach is the development and medical oversight of systems and protocols necessary to provide reliable, safe and best-practice medical support. All relevant legislative and industry standards are recognised and addressed.

A critical element is the medical oversight provided by the CPAGH&M Medical Director. Our injury management procedures are tailored to our clients’ guidelines and – whether in identifying or treating work-related injuries – all our staff understand the absolute requirement to comply with site specific injury management protocols.

We are accountable and our quality control includes detailed site reporting that ensures maximum visibility and drives the activity of our staff to ensure our clients received a visible return on investment.

CPAGH&M understands that the first response in injury management – accurate assessment, communications to HSE, and effective clinical management are vital.

Continuous professional education is essential to maintain the skills of our paramedical & nursing staff and forms a part of our internal clinical development programme.

More Information

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