Emergency Response

1WICET training.jpgWhether responding to a medical emergency or an accident at your site you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Our staff are career professionals. They are selected, trained and managed by our Medical and Operations team. We make sure we know your site. Together with you we will tailor our procedures and protocols and they are specific to your operation.

We know your imperatives to operate continuously in a safe environment. We also understand your legislative and industrial requirements and we ensure you comply.

We provide site-compliant and fully equipped and maintained road ambulances as well as ensuring that your site is covered by a detailed Emergency Response Procedure which we practice and drill regularly.

But we offer so much more. We join your team, and we don’t wait for an incident. We plan, we train, and we respond.

More Information

For further information on our emergency & medical services, please contact us.