Corporate Protection International (CPI)

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Safety and Emergency Services as a Solution

Corporate Protection International (CPI) was established in 2007 as a result of direct interest from the international market to provide an extensive range of induction, emergency response, security and consultancy services throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific region.

CPI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group). CPA Group has +20 years’ experience in the provision, supply, training and skills maintenance of medical, fire rescue, security, safety and emergency personnel and equipment.

CPI incorporate all 5 elements of sustainability; health and safety, environmental, social, financial and governance in its day to day operations, and as part of its strategic plan. CPI works closely with its clients to align its business practices with the cultures and values of the countries and peoples where it operates.

CPI has pioneered an integrated and diversified approach to Security, Medical and Fire and Rescue Services underpinned and delivered through certified and advanced, internationally recognised training programmes that assists both site emergency response and external participants’ skill development.

CPI has established branch offices in Papua New Guinea and Singapore to further support its international operations.

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