Quality Management

fr7 (2).jpgCorporate Protection Australia Group’s core value is ‘Loyalty’. We demonstrate our loyalty to our clients and customers, by sharing their goals & values and continually improving our services, systems and processes to support & add value to meet or exceed your expectations.

Corporate Protection Australia Group are committed to providing high quality services to meet our clients and customers expectations.

To support this commitment we operate and maintain a quality management system that is externally certified and audited, to ensure we deliver cost effective & innovative solutions to all our clients & customers.

Corporate Protection Australia Group operate across a variety of industries and locations. To ensure consistency of service we have developed a uniform framework of systems and procedures, and we audit our systems through internal and external audits to ensure compliance.

To view our Quality Policy: Download

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Client & Customer feedback

We value feedback from our clients and customers and we use this feedback to improve our services. Please feel free to contact info@cpagroup.com.au with any comments or feedback you may have.

Supporting you

Corporate Protection Australia Group is an experienced provider of quality health, safety and risk mitigation solutions. To see how Corporate Protection Australia Group can assist you to achieve your health & safety goals, please review the attached links or contact us.


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