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The shutdown support specialist

Posted by tracyhogan on September 22, 2016

CPA Group sponsors Botanic to Bridge 2016

Posted by tracyhogan on August 31, 2016

Corporate Protection Australia Group is proud to announce that it has been successful in securing a large bundled services contract with a leading international mining company for multiple sites located within the Bowen Basin and Mackay regions.

Baseline Training Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation (RTO 110029) providing quality workplace health & safety education and training throughout Australia. Under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework, Baseline ensure that all courses are in full compliance with all national and state legislative requirements and in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

Titans 4 Tomorrow & Baseline Training

Posted by tracyhogan on November 11, 2015

Twenty indigenous female secondary school students from both Qld and NSW, who are part of the Titans 4 Tomorrow (T4T) youth academy programme, attended Baseline Training to undertake accredited CPR training recently.

Minimising risk with workplace drug testing

Posted by tracyhogan on September 8, 2015

Synthetic cannabis, also known as K2, Spice, Kaos or “fake weed” is sold online and in some shops. The now illegal drug is created by adding chemicals to dried organic material and is reported to be more powerful than the traditional drug it imitates. Because of the unknown origin of the chemicals, it can put users at a higher risk of illness or death.

With side effects ranging from high heart rates, high blood pressure, mental health issues, and suicide/death, workplace tests that detect this synthetic drug are vital to the resources industry where safety is the highest priority.

Real-life, industry specific training - Upskill now

Posted by tracyhogan on August 4, 2015

Baseline Training (RTO 110029) delivers the maximum knowledge and practical experience under realistic conditions. Our highly skilled, industry qualified trainers ensure real-life experience and theoretical knowledge is imparted to participants for maximum benefit.

Offshore? No problems

Posted by tracyhogan on July 1, 2015

Corporate Protection Australia Group Health and Medical (CPAGHM) is a provider of a range of medical services including medical staffing to resource industry clients. 

Balancing costs savings and risk mitigation

Posted by tracyhogan on June 15, 2015

Do you want to reduce your costs and exposure to risk? Do you want peace of mind to allow you to concentrate on your core business?