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Glen Damro : Thought Leadership

Posted by cpagroupadmin on March 1, 2018

In November I spoke at a safety conference regarding ‘Technology’s Impact on Safety’.  The main points of my message related to the fundamentals of safety and how these fundamentals can/will shape technology for the future. As an example, I referred to four key elements namely 1 - safety management systems, 2 - risk reduction processes, 3 - performance measurement, 4- employee engagement and leadership. From this, and with reference to security, I believe there are three fundamentals that should never be overlooked and/or questioned regardless of the complexity of the task or sophistication of the technology available.



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Site Spotlight : Karratha Gas Plant (KGP)

Posted by cpagroupadmin on February 28, 2018

Karratha4 - Copy.jpg


This week we spoke with Gary Clark and Katrina Swanson about their work at the Karratha Gas Plant. We discussed their roles and duties, as well as operations onsite as a whole.

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA): Gary, Katrina, what are your current roles at the Karratha LNG Plant?

Gary Clark (GC): I’m an intensive care paramedic;

Katrina Swanson (KS): And I am a registered nurse.

CPA: And what can you tell us about the Karratha Gas Plant?

GC: Regarding industry, it’s an oil and gas refinery. Six major companies work out of Karratha, including Rio Tinto and Chevron, and Woodside oversees the operational aspects.

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Site Spotlight: Gregory Crinum

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017



We recently spoke with Tom Sibbons, long-time Manager of CPA Group’s Team of the Year at the Gregory Crinum mine.

CPA Group (CG): Hi Tom. For how long did you oversee the team at Gregory Crinum?

Tom Sibbons (TS): I was manager there with Cris Murphy, from July 1 2016 until about October 2017.

CG: The team there won Team of the Year. Could you tell us about them?

TS: They are an incredibly diverse team, and some of the members have been working security together on that site, under various contractors, for up to eight years. This team works so fluidly and efficiently that it practically runs itself. Two supervisors manage just about everything internally; rostering very effectively, working out sick leave and holidays, and generally looking after the entire programme.

Staff Awards 2017

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


We are very proud to report on the winners of the following staff awards. Their dedication, professionalism, and tireless contributions are to be commended.

Rolleston Mine: Update

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


We recently spoke with Peter Shepherd regarding the Rolleston Mine in Central Queensland.

The Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) was successful in its tender, being awarded a contract for security and medical provision to the Rolleston Open Cut coal mine for Glencore.

This contract entails one security staff member onsite for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and one paramedic, working shift and always on call: Two members of each position working week-on week-off

Report: Safe Work Month Event 2017: Technology’s Impact on Safety

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Kemp is a certified OHS Professional, with experience working with WHS Regulators and leaders in private industry. She is the founder of Safe Expectations and the Convenor of Young Safety Professionals, and is passionate about personal health and wellbeing. Naomi is an expert in facilitating enforceable undertakings and innovative safety thinking.

Naomi discussed some of the ways in which the advancement of technology has led to a lack of personal interaction, and the resulting risks we run by allowing this lack to persist and to extrapolate. She emphasised the fact that engagement of any variety hinges upon interaction and participation—highlighting how an over-dependence on technology can hinder said participation.

Harley Sparke: On the Annual General Meeting

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


I am delighted to write that Mr Tony Mitchell was appointed as CEO after spending twelve months in his tenure as GM Manpower. We also appointed a new and very experienced CFO in Mr Wayne MacDonald, to replace Ms Chipo Wekare who resigned to expand her career. Chipo had served the company with great dedication and commitment since joining us in 2008.


I am also very happy to report that our safety performance has continued in a downward trend across almost all areas of our reporting and outcomes. We have adopted further systems, reporting mediums and ISO audits. Safety will always remain a crucially important aspect of our operation, and as such, we will continue to develop a safe work culture. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and this can only be enhanced by further developing that culture.

The Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) and eVision Industry Software (eVision) are pleased to announce a Full-Service Business Partnership throughout Asia-Pacific.

CPA Group is a Queensland based international organisation with over 20 years’ experience in our dedicated environment. We provide premium corporate protection solutions to the mining, oil & gas, energy, critical infrastructure and maritime industries. These include supply of fire and rescue, medical and security staff, safety and security risk management, project expertise, specialist consultancy and related education and training.

eVision Industry Software creates best-in-class Control of Work software. Innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, chemical and other hazardous industries operate on a global and local scale. eVision enables you to increase the safety and speed of your operations, supporting you in reaching your operational excellence and safety objectives. eVision solutions are fully configurable to match your organization's wishes and requirements, while ensuring unprecedented ease-of-use and full compliance with the latest protocols and regulations.

Major organisations such as Shell, Statoil, BP, Qatar Petroleum, Origin and many more have selected eVision as their Control of Work vendor of choice, solidifying eVision as industry leader of its domain. With offices worldwide and partnerships with the world’s leading system integrators, eVision provides high-quality delivery and support, on location, at all times.

Harley Sparke, Chief Executive Officer, CPA Group, states: “CPA Group is dedicated to safeguarding the wellbeing of people, and of assets, and takes safety, efficiency, and productivity with the utmost seriousness. We find the capabilities and the potential offered by eVision to be directly in line with our ethos, and with our priorities. eVision has a huge impact on training, data analytics, and best practices—three things CPA Group stands by as crucial to the success of any endeavour, and to our clients.”

Ton Geelen, Chief Commercial Officer, eVision, adds: “Through our global and local partnerships, eVision continues to expand our client base into new geographies and industries. CPA Group has a strong history in providing human and asset protection across the Asia Pacific region and our partnership further extends the services of both companies in the field of Health, Safety and Environment.”

eVision Business Partner Silver.png

Employee Spotlight - Dianne Bain

Posted by cpagroupadmin on August 24, 2017

Abbot Point.jpg

We spoke with Dianne Bain, the supervisor of security at the Abbot Point Coal terminal, about her role, her site, and the various challenges and responsibilities that come with her position.

CPAG (CG): What is your current role? Where do you work at present?

Dianne Bain (DB): I’m the security supervisor at the Abbot Point Bulkcoal export terminal.

CG: And what are your primary duties? How large is your team?

DB: The team consists of Martin, Amber, Hedley, Regan, John, and myself. I see that we follow the Clients procedures and policies, carry out any required training, and ensure there’s correspondence and cohesion in how we do things. Having a Team that works well together like these Guards do, is rewarding.

In the culmination of a four-year project, Queensland shall finally erect a War Memorial dedicated to those Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders who have served our country or have paid the ultimate sacrifice. In late May, it was revealed that Sculpt Studios had been chosen to design the memorial, which shall be built in ANZAC Square.


Corporate Protection Australia Group’s own liaison with the Indigenous Community, Lorraine Hatton, is Co-Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dedicated Memorial Committee Queensland Incorporated (ATSIDMCQI). This committee has sought the support of community and government in realising its goal, with patron support from Dame Quentin Bryce and Dr Noel Hayman, and the added support and partnership with Griffith University.

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