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CPA Group Fire & Rescue team have been providing emergency services support for a shutdown that for an LNG pipeline project in early May.  We were required to deploy at short notice to undertake a high risk confined space rescue task during repairs on a gas pipeline.

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CPA Group site team to the rescue!

Posted by cpagroupadmin on May 2, 2018



CPA Group’s highly rated team at Gregory Crinum recently demonstrated their professionalism, emergency services skills and responsiveness to critical incidents during a recent fire incident near their Bowen Basin location.

On their way home from shift CPA Group security officers Bec Lucy and Sue Berthun were the first to raise the alarm in response to the incident. The site safety and operations manager, crew from the site facilities management company and the Site Superintendent were promptly notified of the emergency, plans were put in place, discussed and tasks/positions allocated.

The plans were acted upon by the site safety and operations manager and our team members Jenny Elliott and Dan Young.

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Hidden Valley Medical Team to compete in Copenhagen

Posted by cpagroupadmin on May 1, 2018


CPA Group has been providing medical services at Hidden Valley Gold mine in Papua New Guinea since 2012. Our team is led by two Australian Paramedics, Ole Juul and Phil Tisdale, both absolutely passionate about service delivery and building a medical team that is renowned for the quality of its staff and service.

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Our Story by Harley Sparke - Executive Chairman

Posted by cpagroupadmin on May 1, 2018


As some of you may know, (some serving staff members lived through it) CPA Group was established in the lead up to the Patrick water front dispute 20 years ago, in 1998.The events of the time attracted a great deal of media and government attention and as such I thought it might be worth sharing some of the detail on how it actually happened.

1998 was the year of the famous waterfront dispute.

From Wikipaedia.

The Australian waterfront dispute of 1998 was an event in Australian industrial relations history, in which the Patrick Corporation undertook a restructuring of their operations for the purpose of increasing the productivity of their workforce. The restructuring by Patrick Corporation was later ruled illegal by Australian courts. The dispute involved Patrick Corporation locking out their workers after the restructuring had taken place, with many of these workers members of the dominant Maritime Union of Australia. The resulting dismissal and locking out of their unionised workforce was supported and backed by the then Australian Liberal/National Coalition Government.

Major events in the dispute occurred in four major ports, where the Patrick Corporation had significant operations, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle and Sydney. It revolved around attempts by Patrick Corporation and the federal government to improve efficiency on Australia's wharves; primarily by reducing staffing numbers and the power of the Maritime Union of Australia.


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It's Shutdown Season

Posted by cpagroupadmin on April 11, 2018

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Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is one of the largest private ERT companies in the southern hemisphere.

Through our experiences we have become shutdown specialists and understand the specific challenges and requirements inherent in facility maintenance projects.

In the past we have provided shutdown services for companies like ConocoPhillips, Woodside Energy, QGC, BP, Port of Brisbane, Santos, Origin Energy, Dyno Nobel and Viva Energy.

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Glen Damro : Thought Leadership

Posted by cpagroupadmin on March 1, 2018

In November I spoke at a safety conference regarding ‘Technology’s Impact on Safety’.  The main points of my message related to the fundamentals of safety and how these fundamentals can/will shape technology for the future. As an example, I referred to four key elements namely 1 - safety management systems, 2 - risk reduction processes, 3 - performance measurement, 4- employee engagement and leadership. From this, and with reference to security, I believe there are three fundamentals that should never be overlooked and/or questioned regardless of the complexity of the task or sophistication of the technology available.



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Site Spotlight : Karratha Gas Plant (KGP)

Posted by cpagroupadmin on February 28, 2018

Karratha4 - Copy.jpg


This week we spoke with Gary Clark and Katrina Swanson about their work at the Karratha Gas Plant. We discussed their roles and duties, as well as operations onsite as a whole.

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA): Gary, Katrina, what are your current roles at the Karratha LNG Plant?

Gary Clark (GC): I’m an intensive care paramedic;

Katrina Swanson (KS): And I am a registered nurse.

CPA: And what can you tell us about the Karratha Gas Plant?

GC: Regarding industry, it’s an oil and gas refinery. Six major companies work out of Karratha, including Rio Tinto and Chevron, and Woodside oversees the operational aspects.

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Site Spotlight: Gregory Crinum

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017



We recently spoke with Tom Sibbons, long-time Manager of CPA Group’s Team of the Year at the Gregory Crinum mine.

CPA Group (CG): Hi Tom. For how long did you oversee the team at Gregory Crinum?

Tom Sibbons (TS): I was manager there with Cris Murphy, from July 1 2016 until about October 2017.

CG: The team there won Team of the Year. Could you tell us about them?

TS: They are an incredibly diverse team, and some of the members have been working security together on that site, under various contractors, for up to eight years. This team works so fluidly and efficiently that it practically runs itself. Two supervisors manage just about everything internally; rostering very effectively, working out sick leave and holidays, and generally looking after the entire programme.

Staff Awards 2017

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


We are very proud to report on the winners of the following staff awards. Their dedication, professionalism, and tireless contributions are to be commended.

Rolleston Mine: Update

Posted by cpagroupadmin on November 30, 2017


We recently spoke with Peter Shepherd regarding the Rolleston Mine in Central Queensland.

The Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) was successful in its tender, being awarded a contract for security and medical provision to the Rolleston Open Cut coal mine for Glencore.

This contract entails one security staff member onsite for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and one paramedic, working shift and always on call: Two members of each position working week-on week-off