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About Corporate Protection Australia Group

The Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is a dynamic and specialist organisation. We provide premium corporate (human and asset) protection to the mining, maritime and critical infrastructure industries. Our core company value is loyalty - it defines who we are and what we stand for.

The CPA Group has a fundamental philosophy of consultation and communication with clients, associates and industry to maximise the outcome for our client.

The CPA Group of companies is comprised of six businesses:

Corporate Protection Australia Pty Ltd (CPA)

CPA is a major supplier of asset protection officers and emergency service officers to the  mining/energy, maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

Baseline Training

Baseline Training Pty Ltd is part of the Corporate Protection Australia Group providing quality workplace health & safety education and training throughout Australia.

Baseline Training Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation (RTO). Under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework, Baseline Training Pty Ltd ensure that all courses are in full compliance with all national and state legislative requirements and in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

With a proven track record of helping customers to reduce risk in their workplace, Baseline Training Pty Ltd excels in providing knowledge and the necessary skills to employees so that they can work safely or respond to incidents / emergency situations that may occur. Being a market leader Baseline Training Pty Ltd has a large and diverse client base across many industry sectors including oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, drilling, mining, construction, manufacturing, government and local councils.

Corporate Protection Australia Group Health and Medical Pty Ltd (CPAGHM)

CPAGHM provide certified paramedics and nurses, equipment, vehicles and clinical infrastructure for a complete site emergency solution.

Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue Pty Ltd (CPAF&R)

CPAFR specialises in fire rescue and emergency management. Our expert fire/rescue officers, equipment and vehicles ensure total site compliance and safety.

iSafe Safety Management Systems Pty Ltd (iSafe SMS)

iSafe specialises in risk, safety and security consultancy (plans, audits and advice) to the maritime, mining/energy and critical infrastructure industries. iSafe’s products and services also include drug and alcohol testing, supply of specialist medical and fire/rescue equipment, safety management planning and speed monitoring. iSafe also installs and maintains security related systems including CCTV and access control.

Corporate Protection International (CPI)

CPI incorporate all 5 elements of sustainability; health and safety, environmental, social, financial and governance in its day to day operations, and as part of its strategic plan. CPI works closely with its clients to align its business practices with the cultures and values of the countries and peoples where it operates.

CPI has pioneered an integrated and diversified approach to Security, Medical and Fire and Rescue Services underpinned and delivered through certified and advanced, internationally recognised training programmes that assists both site emergency response and external participants’ skill development.


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